We use Numerical Control Machines CNC in order to produce components. Production and team of professional workers let us work precisely and stable. We organize cover series unit production. We produce forged, stainless steel and aluminum parts. We also use other non-ferrous metals as well as plastic material.

CNC Milling

Numerically milling machine Cincinnati Sabre 500

Workspace 510x510x500
Control Heidenhain

Numerically milling machine Cincinnati Ssabre 1000

Workspace 1000x500x500
Control Heidenhain

Numerically milling machine Bridgeport VMC 600

Workspace 600x410x520
Control Heidenhain

CNC Turning

Turning machine Hyundai HIT 15S

Chuck Size: 210mm
Max Cutting Diameter: 350mm
Max Cutting Length: 500mm
Control: Siemens Sinumerik

Turning machine HAAS ST-10

Chuck Size: 160mm
Max Cutting Diameter: 300mm
Max Cutting Length: 400mm
Control: HAAS

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